Harvester Information

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September 24, 2011:  District members voted to institute a $70.00 per unit, per year purchase fee
April, 2013:  District was awarded a grant for 1/2 of the purchase price of a new harvester
April 20, 2013:  District members voted to purchase a new harvester for delivery in Spring or Summer of 2014
June, 2013:  District sold its existing harvester
July 17, 2013:  the District contracted for a new harvester (from Aquarius Systems) for delivery in June of 2014
​September 14, 2013:  The District voted to obtain a municipal loan through the BCPL
March 2014:  District awarded BCPL Loan
April 26, 2014:  District members voted to institute a $70.00 per unit, per year loan payment fee until loan completed:
June 6, 2014:  New harvester delivered and accepted
August 2018:  Harvester loan paid off.
August 2018: purchase complete, fee no longer in effect

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White River Flowage - Harvester